Rise.Run.Retreat. was founded on the idea that at its core, running is a transformative act and when we run together the opportunity for growth is exponential. 

If you think about it, running puts us in a place of discomfort and often when we are uncomfortable we are also vulnerable. Running together opens us up to connect on a real level with other women, leading to self-discovery and ultimately growth. 

Rise.Run.Retreat. is about sharing miles, sweat, smiles and our unfiltered-selves. 

More than a getaway. More than a retreat. Rise.Run.Retreat. is an experience you will remember forever.


Sarah Canney

founder & host

Sarah is an athlete, coach, entrepreneur and mom with a passion for running. After battling an eating disorder for nearly ten years in her teens and early 20's, Sarah found freedom and healing. Running proved a catalyst in her transformation as she learned to rewrite the negative narrative in her head and find a unique strength within herself. As Sarah became more involved in the running community she was inspired by the connections she made to create Rise.Run.Retreat in 2015.

Sarah's mission is to help women gain confidence, find strength and make authentic connections through running. As the host, she creates a place for women to be inspired and experience personal growth through running. 


Sarah is also an RRCA and USATF Running Coach and since starting running has become a competitive mountain and runner snowshoe runner. She has racked up top finishes at the national and world level in snowshoeing, including a third-place finish at the 2018 National Snowshoe Championships and a Bronze Medal at the 2020 World Snowshoe Championships. You can find more from Sarah at

Sarah Canney Founder and Host of Rise Ru



Sandra LaFlamme

Community Coordinator

Sandra has been a fixture at Rise.Run.Retreat since 2015, attending every retreat as either a participant or facilitator. Sandra came on board as the Community Coordinator at the beginning of 2020. As Community Coordinator, Sandra facilitates ongoing relationships with our Alumni and manages our online presence. She brings empathy, vulnerability and authenticity to the role and holds a deep sense of care for everyone in the Rise.Run.Retreat. Community. 


Sandra is an avid road and trail runner, and has completed multiple Half Ironman events. She lives in rural New Hampshire with her two children.



Carly Pizzani

Facilitator + Group Run Leader


Dr. Rebecca Stanfield McCown

Facilitator + Group Run Leader

Carly joined the Rise.Run.Retreat. Community in 2018 as a facilitator and has been a critical part of making each retreat run seamlessly. Her attention to detail and care are evident in everything she does and she’s often the first smiling face participants see when they arrive at Rise.Run.Retreat. 


Carly is a full-time fitness professional at the Woodstock, Inn and acts as their Fitness Manager. She is also a certified personal trainer, RRCA Running Coach and a certified spin and barre instructor. 


Carly is mom (and bonus mom) to four boys and lives in Vermont, where she loves to run and hike.

Rebecca came on board with Rise.Run.Retreat. in 2018 as a facilitator and group run leader. Rebecca acts as our guest speaker liaison and has been critical in troubleshooting any kind of situation that arises over the retreat weekend, handling it all with grace and care.

As the Director of the National Park Service’s Stewardship Institute at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park in Woodstock, Vermont,  Rebecca brings a unique understanding of the local landscape and history which she shares with us on our group runs. 

Rebecca lives in New Hampshire with her husband and son and loves running up Mt. Washington in the annual Auto Road Race each year.