MARCH 2020


With our VIRTUAL RETREAT you'll be able to join Rise.Run.Retreat. from anywhere around the world. 


We've taken all the elements that make Rise.Run.Retreat. unique and created an interactive, LIVE retreat experience. Through the Virtual Rise.Run.Retreat. you'll be able to connect with other women who love to run, be informed and inspired by amazing guest speakers, have access to LIVE Q&A and of course receive amazing swag!


This convenient and accessible version of Rise.Run.Retreat. is aimed at runners of all ages and abilities who want to make connections, improve their running and health with informative content and be inspired by amazing guest speakers and each other!


The Rise.Run.Retreat. Virtual Retreat is a 3-day live, interactive online experience featuring inspiring and informative guest speakers, the same themed content as our live events, and amazing connections with like-minded women who love running. You'll also receive a custom swag box delivered to your doorstep along with bonus material from host, Sarah Canney.

All you need to access the experience is an internet connection and Facebook account. From there you'll be able to participate in the amazing experience we've created just for YOU!



  • 8 am Virtual Retreat Starts

  • Work through the materials (delivered via email and available online) at your own pace. 

  • Introduce yourself in Private Facebook Group

  • 7 pm EST Sarah LIVE in Facebook Group to kick off Virtual Retreat


  • 8 am EST Sarah will be LIVE in the Facebook Group

  • Work through materials at your own pace 

  • Share your run in the Facebook Group  + interact with other group members via FB 

  • 10 AM EST Live Webinar Q&A with Guest Speaker


  • 8 AM Sarah LIVE in Facebook Group

  • Email delivers Module 2 with material to work through at your own pace.

  • 10 AM EST Live Webinar Q&A with Guest Speaker (webinars are recorded for later viewing)

  • 5 PM EST Sarah LIVE in Facebook Group to wrap up Weekend


The Virtual Running Retreat includes all online materials (videos, lessons, printable journal pages, printable inspirational quotes and more), access to two Live Webinars with inspiring and informative guest speakers, swag box choc-full of goodies from our sponsors and bonus material.





I live overseas can I still participate?

Yes! However, additional shipping fees for the swag box apply. Please contact us at

What if I can't make it to the LIVE Webinars of events on Facebook?

No problem! All the live aspects of the virtual retreat are recorded and available to replay at any time that is convenient for you. You'll also have access to the archives of each webinar video after the Virtual Retreat has ended. 

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

We rely heavily on the Facebook group for making connections and interacting. Until we find a better platform for this kind of connectivity, a Facebook Account is rather necessary to participate in the full experience of the Virtual Retreat. You can still participate if you're willing to miss out on the more interactive aspects of the Virtual Retreat. You can still gain access to daily themed content, webinars, printable resources and bonus materials.