Why Rise.Run.Retreat?

A message from founder and host, Sarah Canney.

I found running later in life. I thought it would be just like going to the gym or the number of other activities I’d tried.

But running was the thing that stuck.

Why, though?

Why did it stick?

It stuck because running is where I found out that I really did have confidence, that I really was strong. For me, running unearthed aspects of my personality that were dormant, buried and beaten down by years of self doubt and feeling 'not enough.'

I started Rise.Run.Retreat. as a celebration of this unearthing of confidence and strength. By sharing our stories and the thread of running that weaves through all of them, we empower ourselves and each other. The connection and inspiration we feel in these moments is real and it is what can provide perspective and help us keep going during life’s difficult moments.

This year, we're hosting our Fall Retreat in one of my favorite places: New Hampshire. You'll get to run with me along my favorite routes and up the mountain where I love to witness the sunrise. You'll hear from guest speakers I admire and you'll be inspired by the stories of the women around you. There are just three spots left at our October 14-17th Retreat in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and one of those spots has YOUR name on it.

Yes, YOU.

Rise.Run.Retreat. is for you, no matter what your inner critic is saying about being "not enough."

Sometimes we forget who we are. Sometimes we need a reminder. Come to Rise.Run.Retreat. and be reminded of exactly who you are and the amazing things you are capable of.

Grab your spot today.



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