Rise.Run.Retreat takes Boston

Last Thursday, to an intimate group of people at the RUN PUMA House on Newbury Street in Boston, Sarah kicked off the evening with our traditional “wine and cheese gathering,” followed by a talk on the idea of pulling on the thread of “I think I can.”

This thought is a seed of belief in ourselves. It is exciting at first, and so full of possibility. Our imagination wanders to the accomplishment of it, the success of it, what it might be like to live in the reality of that dream job or being a published author or crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Or insert any other dream you’ve ever had here.

The thing about this kind of belief is that it is risky and when you believe in yourself, you risk breaking your own heart. You risk disappointing yourself.

However, as Sarah so eloquently puts it in her newsletter this week,

“Whoever you are, wherever you are, believe me when I say it is worth the risk. Because as much as I’ve felt the sting of failure I’ve also…

Had the thrill of a life changing “yes.”

Watched a room full of women encourage and inspire one another.

Stood on a podium with the biggest smile on my face.

… I guarantee who you become in the process will be well worth the often painful journey.”

During Thursday‘s event, we took a moment of retreat with restorative breath work and journaling to reflect on our journey. We cried, we laughed, and we shared these “I think I can“ dreams with new and old friends.

Participants also had the opportunity to preview PUMA’s latest running gear, snack on treats by 88 Acres and walked away with some sweet swag.

What ”I think I can” thread will you pick-up and try again or pick-up for the first time because you’ve been too scared in the past?

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