Rise.Run.Retreat. Participant Highlights.

Rise.Run.Retreat Participant Highlights:

Andrea J.

Why did you choose Rise.Run.Retreat.?

I attended a live podcast recording in Portsmouth, NH that Sarah (Founder of RRR) and Lindsey Hein put on together. I got to meet both of them, as well as Katie Edwards, Deb Gardner, and Jessica Goldman. It was so fun and I loved every moment! I went to Sarah's table during the event to learn more about the retreat, and I was instantly inspired. Despite feeling as though I shouldn't spend the money on myself to go, I was also feeling drawn to this experience and wanted to manifest it into reality. I ended up reserving my spot a couple weeks later, and the rest is history!

Which retreat did you attend?

I've been fortunate enough to attend not one, but two! May 2019 (Woodstock, VT) & April 2020 (Virtual) - both amazing experiences.

What was the highlight?

The highlight of my in-person experience was meeting women from all over the country... and we are all still in touch today, nearly two years later. The women I shared a house with that weekend changed my life, including Sarah and the RRR staff and speakers. The highlight of my virtual experience was getting to meet many more amazing women, even if it was only through a computer screen. The connection was still so real, and I've stayed in touch with several of them. Overall, being with like-minded women who believe and invest in themselves is simply wonderful.

What would you tell someone else about Rise.Run.Retreat.?

You mean, what DO I tell others about the retreat? ;) I tell every woman I can about my experiences. How could I not? The women, the connection, the fun, the realness and raw nature of it all... it's truly beautiful. It is worth taking the time for YOU.

What was your biggest takeaway or lesson from the retreat?

Both times I participated, I realized that I truly have limitless potential - even if it was in different ways or at different times in my life. I left Vermont feeling refreshed and ready to take on new levels of badassery. I left my computer after the virtual retreat knowing I could rise above the challenges in my life and keep going and be resilient. Without fail, both retreats taught me to do what makes ME happy - running-related or not.

Who was your favorite speaker and why?

This is a tough one! Both retreats I participated in included the same speakers - Sally McRae and Christen Shefchunas - and I sincerely loved them both times I got to hear about their journeys, as each time presented new bits and pieces of their lives. Sally just emits this beautiful light and so much love, and I instantly felt like I gained a new friend when I met her. Coach Christen's storytelling about "confidence nuggets" gave me a lot of perspective on the way I speak to myself. I cannot thank Sally and Christen enough for being part of the retreats; they are such amazing women.

Did Rise.Run.Retreat. help you to create new running or life goals. If so, what new goals did you make for yourself?

While running has taken a bit of a back seat in my life, the retreats allowed me to realize that it's okay to pause and maybe try something new every once and a while. I ran two marathons within 6 months just a few years ago and countless other races before an injury set me back, and my body needed to rest. I learned that I must give my body the nourishment it needs to keep going or even experiment with other things. Beyond running, the retreats gave me a renewed sense of self and goals of answering questions about myself - who am I, what is my "why," and how am I going to make my life the best it possibly can be and contribute positively to the world? That in itself is invaluable.

Did you learn something new about yourself at the retreat and if so, what did you learn?

I learned that I can do whatever I want to do - I am limitless. I also learned that doing whatever I want to do also means I should have zero guilt for it. It is always okay to take the time you need for yourself; you cannot pour from an empty cup.

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