Miles + Mental Game + Nutrition = Race Day Magic

During a recent run, Sarah had an idea and it centered around the thought that:


From there, Sarah built out a single-day online event focused around the idea of encouragement and power and how it applies specifically to our running and our “dream big” goals.

Participants heard from guest speakers who specialize in tackling race day mental prep and nutrition, two key components that can easily be forgotten during training.

Confidence coach, Christen Shefchunas, shared her knowledge of tackling fear and self-doubt head on. She shared how visualizing the lowest point of the race and working through how you will tackle it, is more effective than visualizing yourself crossing the finishing line. Let go of the idea that we need to be fearless to be confident.

Sports dietitian, Megan Featherstun, RD, talked about the importance of properly fueling our bodies during training, through race day and post-race. Encouraging us all to practice the foods and gels we will be using race day during our training runs. Megan finished by reminding us all, to trust our training, don’t try anything new on race day and to have fun out there.

Our Runners Round Table featured women who had recently accomplished big race goals. From making a comeback from chronic injury and running the Transrockies to finishing a sub 3 marathon while pushing their son in a wheelchair. Each of the speakers shared their raw and honest experiences to accomplishing their dream goals.

Throughout the day, we gave away PUMA Gift Cards, OOFOS shoes, Darn Tough Socks and more!

At the close of the day, Sarah’s idea of:


had brought together a community of women and filled their running tool kit with the encouragement, knowledge, and power they needed to accomplish their big dreams and big races this spring.

Are you training for a race this spring? Tell us, what has been the best advice you have received during training?

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