5 Reasons to Participate in a Virtual Women’s Running Retreat

2020 was the year to go virtual.

ZOOM became a regular part of our everyday dialogue and online networks helped us to stay in touch with our communities.

Here at Rise.Run.Retreat we were so ecstatic to be able to continue our retreats virtually since getting together has been so difficult. This year we officially launched our Rise.Run.Retreat Women’s Virtual Running Retreats and they have been an awesome way to keep our running community connected and growing. We were so happy to be able to stay connected with our women’s running tribe.

In 2020, we were so fortunate to be able to bring you a wide variety of speakers at our virtual retreats. We hosted the likes of Mirna Valerio-”The Mirnavator”, runner speaker and author, Courtney Dauwalter-Ultrarunner and Winner of Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc, Alison Désir-new mom, global Athlete Ambassador for Hoka One One, activist, and mental health advocate, Starla Garcia-Olympic Qualifier and RD to name a few.

As we look forward into 2021 as the new year starts we are thrilled to be bringing you more of our Rise.Run.Retreat Virtual Women’s Running Retreats.

Here are 5 Reasons why YOU should participate in a Virtual Women’s Running Retreat

  1. Community. Rise.Run.Retreat. Virtual Women’s Running Retreats bring a vibrant community of women runners from around the United States and the world together as a community for an inspiring weekend immersed in all things running. You will connect with a new community of runners who share common interests and passions and who bring their own stories of chasing goals, struggles, and successes to be shared within the group.

  2. Inspiration. Our Virtual Women’s Running Retreats feature speakers from within the running community to motivate you, to inspire you, to share information about their own running journeys, nutrition, their running successes and also challenges and so much more.

  3. Energy. Your own running will get a jumpstart as this community of women runners share their running stories, their running favorites, nutrition tips and more. You will be energized to make new running goals and you will be ready to chase your dreams.

  4. Connection. You don’t have to travel anywhere! We bring the running to you! You will be able to stay in the comfort of your home but will be linked with other women runners through our growing Rise.Run.Retreat community. You will make new connections!

  5. Strength.You will be reminded of your own strength and why you are a RUNNER as you discuss how you came to running and all of your own running accomplishments.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should check out a Virtual Women’s Running Retreat!

We hope that you will consider joining us for one of our upcoming virtual women’s running retreats in 2021!

Join us for a happy healthy 2021!

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